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Disc Replacement

Now, disc replacement available for neck too.!

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By: Bharat R. Dave & Ajay Krishnan

Andersson lesion

Andersson lesion are we misdiagnosing it? A retrospective study of clinico-radiological features and outcome of short segment

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By: Bharat R. Dave, Himanshu Ram & Ajay Krishnan

Tuberculosis Spine

In this era of age quake, geriatric population is increasing every day. This leads to a big diagnostic challenge for the treating spine surgeon as pathologies, like metastasis, infection, osteoporosis, that are associated with old age are being seen increasingly in the outpatient clinics. The similar clinical presentation and radiological features of these diseases leads to many diagnostic dilemmas especially in the early stages of disease.

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By: Bharat R Dave, Ajay Krishnan

Indian J Orthop

Magnetic resonance myelography in early postoperative lumbar discectomy: An efficient and cost effective modality.

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By Pankaj R Patel, Bharat R Dave, Ujjval H Deliwala, Ajay Krishnan

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