What is Ergonomics ?

The study of the relationship between people, their work and their physical work environment. The major goal of ergonomics is to fit the job to the individual and promote healthy and safe work practices



How To Lift Weight

One Should Keep Back Straight While Lifting Weight


Chair Selection

Chair Selection Is Also A Important Decision in our Day to Day Office Work

The Revolving Chair in the Office is The Smart Decision
Cusion should be changed every 3 years


How Your Office Table Should Be Arranged

You Should Arrange the Required Stuff According to The Requirement



Common Mistakes done by us While Sitting in front of The Computer



Why to give Stress to Body If Man Has Created Some Better Options



Keep one leg on desk while cooking This will prevent 



How to Sit while Driving A Car


Taking something out of the car


Keep objects near to body while lifting


Bend Fwd while weighing on back


Which is you posture?




Which is you posture?