Research Works


There is enormous volume of clinical work and its properly maintained data at stavya and this is analysed to write scientific articles in index journals to benefit the learning young surgeons and peers.

The famous saying  Publish or Perish  is followed with zest at Stavya.

Stavya spine Hospital & Research institute  has its own institutional ethics committee (SSHRI IEC) was constituted as per norms on 15th July,2010 to review & approve the protocols( either sponsored or not sponsored ) , which are compliance with all regulatory requirement, applicable guidelines and laws. The goals of research at stavya, however important, would never be permitted to override the health and well being of the research subjects. Ethic Committee is to safeguard the dignity, right, safety & well being of all actual & potential research participants.

Scientific writing and publication marks the endpoint of research that has been performed, completed, peer reviewed and accepted, and complements teaching and training, clinical service and patient care.